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Hudson Hives - What's the Buzz?

Welcome to the Hudson Hives Blog where we talk all about Bees, Honey & Beekeeping

Winter 2023

About our Blog

We started this blog to share our love about bees, honey and beekeeping. Each blog will feature interesting facts about bees, honey and beekeeping and will include yummy recipes, DIY crafts and skincare recipes.

This blog discusses:

Cute little honey bee with pollen

About Hudson Hives

Hudson Hives is a family owned apiary located in Hudson, MA. Honey is raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered, & unadulterated and retains all the healthy benefits that mother nature intended. We hand bottle, label and package in our Hudson Hives' studio.

As founders of Hudson Hives, Stephen and Jen blended their interest and passion of beekeeping and plants together to establish Hudson Hives.

To learn more about how and why we started Hudson Hives click here

The Beekeeper

Stephen in the Hudson Hives apiary (bee yard)

Stephen is a beekeeper and first became interested in bees in Ireland where a family member was a beekeeper. Stephen was trained through the Worcester County Beekeepers Association and is a member. ​ In his spare time Stephen is a historic British Reenactor. You can find him on Lexington Green on Patriots Day.

The Herbalist

Jen in her favorite place in the world - a lavender field in Provence

Jen loves plants and is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist . She formulates and handcrafts all of Hudson Hives' products using honey, beeswax, he