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Raw Local Honey by a Beekeeper & his Bees



Straight from the hive to the jar

Packed with nutrients & health benefits,

just as MOTHER NATURE intended 

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Hudson Hives
Our Story

Hudson Hives is a family business with family values. The seed of our business was planted when Stephen on a visit to Ireland peeked into his cousin’s beehives and was intrigued by the world of beekeeping.


In 2014, Stephen began his journey by taking a beekeeping course with the Worcester County Bee Association, starting with just 2 hives. A few years later the Town of Hudson started its first farmers market where we sold our excess honey. People asked how they could continue purchasing honey once the farmers market ended so we created a website. Then retail stores began asking to sell our honey, and before we knew it our little hobby became a family business. On December 8, 2023 we opened up a retail location at 45 Main St. Hudson MA. 


When we started Hudson Hives, we knew we wanted to build our apiary a little differently, sustainability, community and care are our three founding principles, and we practice each of these in every aspect of our business.


Beekeeping, and honey production are some of the oldest practices in civilization. The ancient Egyptians kept bees, and so we see our humble operation as part of a long and wonderful lineage that stretches back thousands of years.


We are proud to be deeply rooted in Hudson. We’ve named our company after the place that we live, and the home of our VIPs – our bees. We nurture and raise them in Hudson on our property which has herb & flower gardens, as well as carefully selected neighboring backyard gardens, roof tops, orchards and local farms. We care deeply about improving bee health and protecting and growing the bee population through our beekeeping practice and educating others through beehive tours, bee talks and honey tastings.


We produce a range of products that complement our honey production and aligns with our founding principals, and in a modern world where everything is mass produced, we like to slow down and create each of our products by hand. We love the lifestyle and the rewards that beekeeping offers us – time together as a family and working collectively to benefit our community, our farmers, and our environment.

Just as Mother Nature intended, our honey is raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and harvested in micro batches which retains all of the antioxidants, amino acids and pollen that is lost in large-scale produced honey.​ Each honey is unique in color, aroma and flavor as a result of the nectar and pollen collected by our bees.  

Finally, we support other local beekeepers in our community as well as local artisans. This not only lets us offer a broader range of honeys and products, but also, it ensures that our community, like the hives it supports, remains strong and healthy.

​Thank you for sharing our journey with us!

Bee well, 

Stephen (Beekeeper) & Jen (Herbalist & Aromatherapist) 

Husband and Wife Team, Co-Founders & Co-Owners

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