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Our Story

When we started Hudson Hives in late 2016, we knew we wanted to build our apiary a little differently. Sustainability, community and care are our three founding principles, and we practice each of these in every aspect of our business.


While many other beekeepers might see bees as a commercial opportunity, and honey as nothing more than a commodity, we see it as something greater. Beekeeping, and honey production are some of the oldest practices in civilization. The ancient Egyptians kept bees, and so we see our humble operation as part of a long and wonderful lineage that stretches back thousands of years.


Our approach means we neither use our bees for commercial pollinating operations, nor dilute our honey with artificial additives. Instead, we focus on letting our bees roam and forage freely. Our hives are located on our biodynamic garden, which has herbs & flowers, as well as carefully selected neighboring backyard gardens, orchards, rooftops, and local farms. We believe that this not only creates a better product, but is best for our bees’ health, which is reflective of who we are.


Just as Mother Nature intended, our honey is raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and harvested in micro batches which retains all of the antioxidants, amino acids and pollen that is lost in large-scale produced honey.​ Each honey is unique in color, aroma and flavor as a result of the nectar and pollen collected by our bees.  

Finally, we support other local beekeepers in our community. This not only lets us offer a broader range of varietals, but also, it ensures that our community, like the hives it supports, remains strong and healthy. 

Bee well, 

Stephen & Jen

Co-Founders & Owners

Husband & Wife Team

Beekeeper & Herbalist

The Hudson Hives Team

Stephen is a beekeeper and first became interested in bees in Ireland where a family member was a beekeeper. Stephen was trained through the Worcester County Beekeepers Association and is a member.

In his spare time Stephen is a British Reinacter. You can find him on Lexington Green on Patriots Day

Stephen is a beekeeper and first became

The Herbalist

Jen is a certified herbalist and aromatherapist and formulates and handcrafts all the products using honey and beeswax from Hudson Hives’ bees and herbs from their garden.

Jen loves to spend time outdoors hiking, kayaking or paddle boarding, doing yoga and is obsessed with hippy vans

The Beekeeper

The Helper

Their daughter Emma,16 helps out with Hudson Hives. You may see her at the Hudson Hives retail store, farmers markets or delivering honey 

Emma plays volleyball and enjoys paddle boarding and surfing in Newport


The Herder

Tulare is our 4 year old border collie and keeps all the woodchucks and other critters away from our gardens. He's very interested in the bees.

Tulare is awesome at frisbee and will play for hours if you let him. Throw him a frisbee and you'll have a new bestie


Rosi is our 1970, HIPPEE Van. We brought Rosi back from the UK  in the summer of 2021. You will find Rosi out and about at Farmers Markets, pop up events, at our bee tours & honey tastings & cruising around bringing smiles to people.  

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