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We love to learn and we love to teach. Stephen is a beekeeper and Jen is a certified herbalist, and certified aromatherapist and aromatherapy teacher. They offer many classes throughout the year on beekeeping, herbalism & aromatherapy. Stephen is a member of the Worcester County Bee Association and Jen is an instructor at the New York Botanical Garden and member of the Worcester Mass Herbal Community. 

Host a Hive

Thank you for your interest, however we are full for the 2019 season. Check back next year.  

Interested in hosting a hive on your property? Interested in beekeeping but don't have the time, resources or knowledge. Then hosting a hive may be the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the benefits of hosting a hive by:

  • Helping to save pollinators by providing a home and place to forage;

  • Watching bees forage is fun and relaxing; and

  • Bees will pollinate your plants, flowers and trees.

Want more than just hosting a hive and prefer to be completely set up with a bee hive and training? 

Honey Bee Swarm

Honey Bee Swarm Removal Services

Hudson Hives offers FREE honey bee swarm removal in the greater Middlesex County area.

  • Please note we do not remove anything other than honey bees. If you suspect you have a wasp or hornet nest please contact a local exterminator. Wasp and hornet nests tend to be paper looking type hives.  View the images below to see the difference. 

  • Honey Bees in a swarm are protecting the queen who is in the center. The bees have left their current home in search of a new one.  In our experience we have found swarms on fences, in trees or bushes. 

  • The best thing to do is leave them alone as they will find a new home. Or call a beekeeper who will relocate the bees to a new home. 

  • Because we are losing honey bees in record numbers please do not kill them. We need to save the honey bee. Visit our page on "save the bees" to learn more about the issues with honey bees.

  • Hudson Hives will relocate the bees to a new Hudson Hives Bee Hive. 

  • Our service is FREE but we cannot remove bees that have entered into structures such as behind siding etc.. 

  • If you are not in the Middlesex area, search for your local county bee association to find a local beekeeper who offers this service. Often the service is free. 

Hornet nest
Honey Bee Swarm
Hornet Nest
Honey Bee Removal
Honey Bees
Honey Bees
Honey Bees
Yellow Jacket Nest
Honey Bees vs. Hornet Nest
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