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We Remove Honey Bee Swarms

Did you know we offer FREE honey bee swarm removal?

The first thing to know is we are losing honeybees in record numbers, so please do not kill them. We need to save the honey bee because they are important for pollination and our food supply.

Honey Bee Swarms happen when the bees have left their current home in search of a new one. Honey Bee swarms are protecting the queen who is in the center of the swarm. Swarms can be found just about anywhere such

as on fences, in trees, or in bushes. The best thing to do is to leave them alone as they will find a new home, or call a beekeeper like Hudson Hives who will relocate the bees to a new home. Hudson Hives will relocate the bees to a new Hudson Hives Bee Hive. Our service is FREE but we cannot remove bees that have entered into structures such as behind siding etc.

Please note we do not remove anything other than honey bees. If you suspect you have a wasp or hornet nest please contact a local exterminator. Wasp and hornet nests tend to be paper paper-looking king-type hives.

​ Please visit our page on Save The Bees to learn more about the issues with honey bees.

Please visit our Honey Bee Swarm Removal Service page for more information about learning about bee swarms and hornets nests.

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