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Our Bee Zen Beeswax Candle has a relaxing and soothing effect on the mind, body, and soul and smells delicious! The gentle, mesmerizing soft light of a candle signals the brain its time to relax, transforming your mood and body to relax. Soothes the soul, reducing stress. The soft illumination helps relax and achieve a meditative state. Sleep better, improve your mood, and enhance your immunity. 


Beeswax candles burn warmer, softer and brighter than common paraffin wax and will burn 2x longer and don’t throw off black tar or toxins. Make sure when you first light the candle you burn the wax completely across the surface before blowing out to prevent tunneling. Trim the wick often. 


Unscented: Pure unfiltered beeswax has a soothing warm honey scent.


Lavender: Lavender Essential Oil - Brings spiritual and emotional calm


6 oz. Tin

Zen Beeswax Candle



    “I bought some of your Durty Honey at the Maynard farmers market this summer and we love it!. I've tried a lot of honey over the years, my son is obsessed with buying different kinds. And I've never been blown away by one where I would drive to another town to get it. But honestly it is soooo good! We only opened it recently and the jar is almost empty.So I need to get more soon!"

    Monica Schauweker

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