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Tasting Notes: Sourced from New England Beekeepers where bees forage on the Cape Cod cranberry bogs. Harvested after pollination is finished at the end of July, honey is a light amber color, buttery on the tongue with flavor that oozes tart red cranberries, warm cinnamon spice, brown sugar & dried plums.


Pairings: drizzled on warm brie with whole cranberries and pecans, or drizzled on acorn & butternut squash, as a honey glaze & spread on pumpkin or spice bread.


Raw Honey is unfiltered & harvested in micro batches which retain all of the pollen, antioxidants & amino acids that are lost in large-scale produced honey. Raw honey will crystalize, to re-liquify place jar in warm water. Never microwave


Packaged in glass jar
Limited quantities available

New England Cranberry

New England Cranberry