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Our Honey Samplers make a great gift for coworkers, family, friends, dinner guests, wedding and shower favors, teacher gifts and more. Also makes a great corporate gift. 


Packaged in an adorable 2 oz* sized Glass Apothecary Jar. Comes with a small muslin bag and honey dipper (also available without muslin bag and dipper. To order select 3.3 oz jar under honey)


We depend on the bees and what they provide. Favors offered are Spring or Summer but may also include: Blueberry, Orange Blossom, Cranberry, Knotweed (depends on availability). 


If you would like to add your own custom hang tag or a small card to place inside the bag  for your special event visit Vistaprint, Leaping Lizard Labels, Sticker Mule or Zazzle.  Please note for hang tags the tag should be no larger than 1" with a hole punch in corner the size of a standard hole punch. Insert cards should be no larger than a standard square or regtangular business card. 


About the Honey Collection


Honey is raw and never heated, unfiltered and harvested in micro batches which maintains all of the antioxidants and amino acids that are lost in large-scale produced honey. Once you try raw, pure honey, you won’t have it any other way.


*jar size is 2 oz but contains 3.3 oz of honey (honey is measured by weight and not liquid volume). Please note we do not fill custom jars. 

Honey Sample/Favor



    “I bought some of your Durty Honey at the Maynard farmers market this summer and we love it!. I've tried a lot of honey over the years, my son is obsessed with buying different kinds. And I've never been blown away by one where I would drive to another town to get it. But honestly it is soooo good! We only opened it recently and the jar is almost empty.So I need to get more soon!"

    Monica Schauweker

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