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Grow Flowers Help the Bees

Help save our native honey and wild bees with our flower mix. This colorful floral mix is made of proven honeybee favorites and provides nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies, birds and other essential pollinators.


Varieties include

Tall Mixed Centaurea, Pacific Beauty Calendula, Annual Baby's Breath, Perennial Lupine, Dwarf Sunspot Sunflower, Sensation Mix Cosmos, California Giants Mix Zinnia, Sulphur Bright Lights Mix Cosmos, Blue Flax, Clarkia, Rocket Imperial Mix Larkspur, African Daisy, Mixed Annual Phlox, Tall Spurred Northern Lights Snapdragon, Plains Coreopsis, and Black-Eyed Susan.


Planting Directions

Prepare a bed of loose soil. Sprinkle seeds in prepared area and cover loosely with soil. Keep the area moist until the plants are about 6” tall. 


Seed Information

Lifecycle: annual/perennial mix

Sun Requirement: sun

Packet Weight: 300mg 140-150 Seeds Per Packet

Bloom Season: summer to fall

Height: varies

Uses: cut flowers

Low Maintenance : yes


Made in the USA | Non-GMO

Grow Flowers Help the Bees - Seed Mix



    “I bought some of your Durty Honey at the Maynard farmers market this summer and we love it!. I've tried a lot of honey over the years, my son is obsessed with buying different kinds. And I've never been blown away by one where I would drive to another town to get it. But honestly it is soooo good! We only opened it recently and the jar is almost empty.So I need to get more soon!"

    Monica Schauweker

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