Multi-colored pollen reflects the color of pollen collected from various flowers

Suggested uses: Add to protein shakes, sprinkle on your yogurt, salad, oatmeal or just about anything. 


Pollen is multi-colored which reflects the different colors of the pollens collected from different flowers. The use of pollen was first recorded in the early Middle ages. Eating local honey regularly is thought to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever, from which up to 25% of people suffer. A natural energy enhancer, bee pollen is the only plant source that contains the exclusive vitamin B12.


Net wt. 8 oz.

Packaged in glass jar
Limited quantities available




    “I bought some of your Durty Honey at the Maynard farmers market this summer and we love it!. I've tried a lot of honey over the years, my son is obsessed with buying different kinds. And I've never been blown away by one where I would drive to another town to get it. But honestly it is soooo good! We only opened it recently and the jar is almost empty.So I need to get more soon!"

    Monica Schauweker

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