Bee Removal Service

We offer a free honey bee removal service for honey bee swarms in Worcester & Middlesex County and the Great Boston Area. 

Have a bee swarm? First, Don’t Panic!  Honey Bees in a swarm are not likely to sting you, if you just leave them alone.  Second, you’ve done the right thing by calling a beekeeper to help you. Honey bee colonies are dying in record numbers from pesticides, diseases and pests. Only 1 in 10 swarms will survive if left to fend on their own. By calling a beekeeper these honeybees will be safely removed and given a new home where they will have a better chance for survival.  We offer a free honey bee removal service for honey bee swarms. We will capture and relocate honey bees to locations where they will be well cared for by a beekeeper. If you have honeybees in your house or a building, please call Hudson Hives at 978-333-14249

We do live removals without pesticides or chemicals for honey bees.  

You can see pictures of a honeybee, bees and wasps by clicking on this link here.

Here are a few tip about honey bee swarms.

  1. Call a beekeeper to remove them safely.

  2. Honey Bees in a swarm will usually not sting you if you leave them alone.

  3. A honey bee swarm is a natural part of the bees reproductive cycle.

  4. This is not their new home, it is a resting place for honey bees.  If you do nothing, in a few days the honey bees will go away and find a new permanent home.

  5. Do not spray honey bees with pesticides or a hose.  It will only make them upset and they may sting you.

  6. If you do nothing and leave the honey bees alone, they will go away on their own after a few hours or a few days.

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