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Curated Honey

Our Curated Honey is sourced from beekeepers located in New England as well as all over the world.


We source monofloral or single flower honey which means the bees predominately gathered nectar from one floral source located in close proximity either as a large crop or native species.

Honey varieties each have a unique flavor, color and aroma dependent on the type of flower visited by the bees during their nectar collection with honey color ranging from clear to very dark. 


Honey color and flavor can differ each year due to environmental and weather conditions when nectar is collected by the bees.  

Types of Single Flower Sourced/Monofloral Honey Offered

Our curated honey is offered at different times of year and is currently available as a single size or sampler set. 


Acacia - Is pale golden yellow and very clear and has a sweet delicate taste. It has a vanilla and floral aroma

Avocado - Is a dark amber color with a strong flavor of caramelized molasses

Blueberry - Is a light amber color and is slightly fruity in flavor with a slight buttery finish

Borage - Is pale yellow or white in color and has a light flavor

Chestnut - Is a dark amber color and is sharp and bitter in taste but is high in minerals

Clover - Is pale amber in color and flavored with the scent of clover flowers

Cranberry - is a light amber color and is fruity in flavor

Dandelion - Golden yellow with a strong taste and flowery scent

Hawthorn - Is a dark amber color and has a nutty flavor

Heather - Is a bright dark amber reddish brown color and has the aroma of heather flowers

Lavender - Golden in color with flowery aroma and a texture resembling butter

Leatherwood - Sourced from Tasmania is a light golden yellow in color and a strong spicy taste

Lime Tree - Amber or light yellow with a greenish tint, strong biting flavor with a slight vanilla taste

Manuka - Is from New Zealand's coastal areas and is dark amber in color and is full bodied herbaceous sweet taste and is thought to have antibacterial properties

Mesquite - Color can range from white to dark brown and has a smoky scent of molasses or brown sugar

Orange Blossom - medium amber to white in color with a sweet distinctive fruit taste with echoes of orange blossoms

Rosemary - Color ranging from almost white to golden with reddish tones; medium bodied with a thick texture

Thyme - Is bright amber in color and has an intense aroma and aromatic flavor

Tupelo - is sourced from the southeastern USA from the tupelo tree which blooms for only a few weeks. Beekeepers load bee hives on small boats on rivers to pollinate the tupelo trees. The color is light amber to medium yellow with a greenish glow. It has a distinctive taste and is very sweet. This is one of our favorite honeys

Infused Honey

We infuse herbs and spices to create unique flavors from sweet to heat as well as medicinal remedies. 

Honey Comb

Comb honey is cut directly from the honeycomb


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